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Universal Design Student at NID

Hello there, I am Abhishek.​

A Trans-disciplinary designer looking to foster an equitable and inclusive digital future. A Retro tech enthusiast who loves to retrospect on the past to speculate on an exciting future.

Explore beyond just academic projects!

Dive into my Creative Playground...

Abhishek Virmani


ios for Older adults - Elderlies
Speculative Design - Smart Houseplants - If apple made plants not plants made apples
Multisensorial expereiences that are powered by AI and utilises AR in samsung expereinece stores in India
SAARTHI, a platfrom to spread legal awareness
Redesigned version of Google Classroom. That utilises gamification
TRAID - Traffic real time analysis & intelligent decongestion - Solution to Bangalore Traffic
Creative Playground


Much like children view playgrounds as boundless realms for Play and Exploration,
Creative Playground serves as a platform for projects and explorations that extend beyond my academic journey as a designer. 

Let's Dive in 

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